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Wine & Beverage Cooler Parts

Many wine coolers rely on the same technology and parts to function well as full-size refrigerators, and they often face many of the same issues. Thankfully, most wine cooler issues can be solved with a replacement part.

Common problems with wine coolers

A common issue with wine coolers is when they don't keep your bottles chilled at the right temperature. Keeping the vents inside the wine cooler free from obstruction ensures that the cold air from the compressor is able to circulate inside and chill the bottles. Also, be sure to check the thermostat inside to make sure that it's working properly. If you've noticed that the wine cooler doesn't run at all while it's plugged in, then the internal compressor may be faulty or broken and in need of replacement.

Five parts in a wine cooler that may break down

  1. Compressor start relay—The start relay briefly energizes the start windings on the motor to activate the compressor. If the wires have come loose, fix or replace them. If the relay is faulty, it may not supply the proper voltage to start the motor and will need to be replaced.
  2. Temperature control thermostat—The thermostat monitors the temperature inside the wine cooler and activates the compressor to maintain the desired temperature. If the thermostat starts to fail, it may not sense the proper temperature and should be replaced.
  3. Control board—The control board is the brains of the wine cooler and is responsible for managing cooling functions such as running the compressor and fans. If the board fails, it needs to be replaced because the wine cooler won’t function or it won’t properly control temperature inside the wine cooler.
  4. Compressor—The compressor works by circulating a refrigerant through the condenser coils and evaporator, keeping the inside of the wine cooler cold. A faulty compressor won’t keep the wine cooler cold. If the compressor runs but doesn’t cool the wine cooler, you may need to replace the compressor.
  5. Condenser coils—These coils are part of the cooling system. The refrigerant flows through the coils to cool down the refrigerant before it enters the evaporator. If the coils are dirty, they may not work efficiently and should be cleaned. If they leak or are damaged, they'll need to be replaced instead.

Ordering replacement wine cooler parts

Sears PartsDirect makes it easy to buy replacement parts for your wine cooler whether you need a new thermostat or a compressor. Simply enter your model number into our search bar to find your specific model, or search by specific part number if you have that handy. You can order from us with confidence thanks to our fit guarantee. At Sears PartsDirect, we also back each sale with a generous return policy.