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Window Awning Parts

Window awnings are one way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. They also provide a functional benefit as a window dressing by repelling rain that can cause water damage and blocking unwanted sunlight that can overheat interior spaces. Window awnings are available in a wide variety of colors, materials and sizes to meet your needs. Maintaining your window awnings are essential, but if you've noticed that one is broken, you'll be glad to know that there's most likely a DIY fix.

Simple maintenance to keep your awning in working order

  • Promptly remove snow and ice from your awning in winter months.
  • Periodically clean dirt and other contaminants from the awning cloth to prevent mold and rot buildup.
  • If your awning contracts, grease moving parts once a year to prevent corrosion and ensure proper functionality.
  • Temporarily remove your awning to protect it against damage from extremely high winds during severe weather events.
  • Clean the metal frame parts once a year with a soft cloth and household grease remover.

Five essential components of your window awning

  1. Front bar—The front bar is the front rod of the frame onto which the cloth or canvas cover of the window awning attaches. This aluminum rod can be bent in extreme weather conditions and can be replaced using a few tools.
  2. 1/8-inch rope—While the rope of your model awning may be slightly larger or smaller than 1/8 inch, this is the standard size for Sears and Anchor awnings. The rope of your awning is susceptible to degradation if exposed to cold or wet environments for long periods of time. The rope may require replacement every few years to keep it in working order.
  3. Pulleys—If your window awning retracts, the pulleys of your window awning enable it to move up and down. Pulleys with rust or corrosion should be replaced. Grease the pulleys of your awning once a year.
  4. Cover—The awning cover is typically made of canvas or other cloth and is designed to withstand the elements. Over time, it may fade due to ultraviolet radiation, but it can be replaced. A range of colors and designs is available from a variety of manufacturers. Simply make sure the dimensions match prior to ordering.
  5. Hinges—The hinges of your window awning should be replaced if they're heavily rusted or corroded due to exposure.

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