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Windmill Parts

The windmill you have on your farm or in your garden is made up of many small moving parts that need to be in sync with each other if the windmill is going to operate correctly. If parts become misaligned or broken, they could cause even worse problems by cracking one of the fan blades, breaking the tail or causing gears to grind to a halt.

Troubleshooting tips for your windmill

Some common problems that people have with their windmills include cracked fan blades, issues with the gearbox assembly, the blades not adjusting to the direction of the wind and bent or broken frame pieces. Below are troubleshooting tips for these problems to help you with your DIY repairs.

Common parts in windmills that may break

  • Fan blades—The fan blades are what catch the wind, causing the windmill to turn. There are anywhere from four to 12 blades mounted on a wheel that's attached to the windmill. The blades are placed on the wheel at an angle to catch the most wind as they revolve. Fan blades can crack or break off entirely from storms, debris or sudden stoppage due to a gearbox malfunction.
  • Tail—The tail functions to direct the windmill fan in the direction where it will have access to the wind. The tail assembly attaches to the frame and has a masthead that steers it. Like the fan blades, the tail is susceptible to damage from environmental factors, or the assembly can become rusted and stop the windmill from turning.
  • Gearbox—The gearbox is made up of an intricate set of axles, rotors, gears and wheels that are put into motion by the spinning fan blades on the wheel. The parts in the gearbox are typically die-cast, and the box connects to the wheel and tail assembly. Gear parts that aren't kept lubricated can rust and lock up, causing the windmill to stop spinning.
  • Rotation–If your windmill refuses to rotate when the wind is blowing, it could be as simple as the safety lock being engaged. The lock keeps the windmill from rotating in case you need to work on it. However, it can also be something more serious like the bearing at the top of the shaft is locked up.
  • Platform—Problems with the platform mostly consist of parts of the framework being bent or broken. This can be caused by high winds thrashing the windmill around or other environmental issues such as debris coming into contact with the platform. The platform is typically made from galvanized steel.

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