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Water Softener Parts

Water Softener Parts

A water softener may stop working properly for a number of reasons. The very first thing you need to check is if the brine solution is mixing properly as you may need to add salt to the tank. Other issues that may arise with decreased efficiency of a water softener may require a part replacement. A water softener's purpose is to remove excess minerals and calcium from certain water sources because they can destroy your household fixtures and leave calcium stains on tubs. If the brine solution is not the culprit, then check the following common parts that may need adjusting or replacing.

The five common water softener parts that break

  1. Rotor and disc—The rotor and disc extend out from the main motor shaft. There is also a gasket that seals the disc to prevent leaks. If you notice that the motor is straining to rotate or its shaft isn’t moving at all even though the motor is buzzing, then you may need to replace the rotor and disc.
  2. Turbine support—The turbine support supports the turbine that measures water flow through the softener. If the turbine isn’t spinning and measuring water flow, then you may need to replace the turbine support.
  3. Nozzle and Venturi assembly—The main purpose of the assembly is to bring the salt solution into the bed of resin as it enters the regeneration cycle. The issue is that parts of the nozzle and venturi assembly can become clogged due to exposure to dirt, minerals and silt. If these parts become irreversibly blocked, then the assembly will need to be replaced.
  4. Electronic control board—The control board mechanism is the brain of the unit. The main function that it performs is the timing of the system cycle and regeneration cycle. If there is a problem with the control board, then timing will either not be set properly or a problem will exist that is not associated with any mechanical component of the unit.
  5. Valve motor—The valve motor is what drives the rotor and disc. If you notice that the system does not need additional salt, then the valve motor is potentially not spinning. This will result in the brine not being mixed, and it will eventually lead to water not being softened.

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Water softener replacement parts can be found on Sears PartsDirect with the guarantee of a proper fit. All you have to do is use the search bar at the top of the page to locate your specific model. There will be a list of parts for your exact model; you can then just choose the part you need.