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Water Heater Parts

Water Heater Parts

Have you noticed that your hot water isn’t getting quite as warm as it should or that it doesn’t really get hot at all anymore? Depending on the type of water heater in your home, there may be a few different causes for this. A properly maintained water heater should last you 8-12 years and maybe even longer depending on your model. Gas-fired water heaters and electric water heaters are the two most common types in houses today.

Why did your hot water heater stop working?

There are a couple of tricks you can try to get your hot water flowing again. With electric water heaters, check to make sure that the circuit breaker hasn't tripped. If your water heater is gas-fired, it may simply be due to the pilot light going out. There should be a little window toward the bottom of your unit where you can see if the pilot light is still burning. Newer gas water heaters will carry instructions on how to relight the pilot in the event it does go out. If you’ve tried these and the water heater still doesn't function properly, then it's likely an issue with an internal part or an external control mechanism.

The top five water heater parts that may break down

  1. Temperature and pressure relief valve—The temperature and pressure relief valve is an emergency safety feature of water heaters. If the internal pressure or heat reaches a critical level, this valve will open up automatically and allow water to exit through the overflow pipe, which lowers the internal pressure and heat to prevent a more serious situation.
  2. Internal heating element—Heating elements are found on electric water heaters. Most units will contain an upper and lower heating element. This allows the water heater to heat the water up much quicker than with a single element.
  3. Drain valve—The drain valve is a circular knob located on the bottom of your water heater. You can open the drain valve to completely drain the water if you need to clean the unit, perform maintenance or move it easily.
  4. Gas control knob—The gas control knob is located on the outside of the unit and regulates the gas flowing to the pilot light and burner.
  5. Burner—On gas-fired water heaters, the burner is located inside the unit at the bottom and is responsible for heating the water.

Find the water heater parts you need from Sears PartsDirect

You can look at your water heater to find out its make and model number. Once you find it, you can search online to find the parts you need. If your water heater doesn’t have any identifying information, you can also browse by category and brands to find the parts you’ll need. At Sears PartsDirect, we offer original manufacturers’ parts and are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service.