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Water Faucet Parts

The faucet in your home is a complex piece of technology with many intricate parts. Unfortunately, all those parts are subject to malfunctions, which can lead you to having no water when you turn on the faucet, or worse, water flowing out of places it shouldn’t. Leaking valves, ripped O-rings and pipes with weak seals are just some of the things that can go wrong with your faucet, leaving your bathroom or kitchen all wet.

What are some common faucet issues?

  • Low water pressure is a very common faucet issue and can occur as the result of a few problems. The aerator is a tiny screen that screws into the bottom of your faucet and is intended to reduce water flow to prevent splashing. This has both a benefit on your water bill as well as regulates the force of water coming out of the faucet. A clogged or otherwise dirty aerator will restrict water flow more than it is designed to. The diverter is on the other end of the faucet and controls the amount of water that flows through it. It can also become clogged with minerals, debris and other contaminants, cutting down on water flow. In both situations, a quick remedy is to clean the parts with a brush and cleaning solution.
  • High water pressure can be the result of a failed water pressure regulator or heat expansion caused by your hot water heater. High water pressure can lead to cracks in valves and pipes, causing serious damage in some instances. Replacing the water pressure regulator or installing an expansion tank on your hot water supply pipe can prevent excessive water pressure.
  • Faucet handles will leak water if there is an O-ring failure. O-rings crack and tear over time from regular use, but also from having excessive minerals and debris in your water. Replacing an O-ring requires disassembling the faucet. Make sure to turn off the water supply valve beforehand. Also, be certain to clean out the groove that the O-ring sits in to remove excessive debris.
  • When you turn off the faucet, if there is a loud banging noise that comes from the pipes, that is called water hammer. It is caused by water pressure smashing into a quick shutoff valve. The water hammer problem can be fixed either by installing an air chamber or a mechanical water hammer arrestor.
  • Faucet handles that are hard to turn are caused by sediment and debris becoming lodged in the cartridge. Over time, these contaminants harden as they become impacted, making faucet operation difficult. To fix this problem, take apart the faucet and clean out the cartridge with a brush and cleaning solution.

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