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Water Dispenser Parts

We at Sears PartsDirect make ordering water dispenser replacement parts easy. Using the search bar located at the top of the page, enter the model number for your water dispenser model. If necessary, you may search using the name of the water dispenser manufacturer to locate any replacement parts you need.

Techniques for handling problems with your water dispenser

If you have encountered difficulties with your water dispenser, such as a slow spout flow, water leaks, no water flow or other malfunctions, try these techniques to repair it:

  • First, unplug your water dispenser from the wall.
  • If there is no water flow from your dispenser, look to see if the water supply is currently off or has been disconnected. Check the line tubing connecting the water supply for secure connections. Examine your water bottle or reservoir as it may be empty or the water level may be too low to dispense liquid.
  • No water flow may be due to air pressure forced into the cooler when the bottle was replaced. This is called an airlock.
  • If experiencing a slow water flow, check the reservoir because it may be nearly empty.
  • Mineral deposits can build up in the lines, spouts or taps. The resulting blockage slows water flow to a trickle.
  • Check the spout, tap seals or gaskets. They may be missing or worn. Replace them when needed.
  • Depending on the type of dispenser, you may be able to run white vinegar through the dispenser lines to clear scales and mineral deposits. Be sure to run clear water through the lines afterward to completely clear out the vinegar.
  • Dirty or clogged filters can slow your water flow. Check the filters, clean them if possible or replace the filters. Be sure to check the air filter on the lid as well as the filter underneath the bottle's seat.
  • Occasionally, keeping the spouts or taps open while squeezing the bottle resolves a water flow problem. Squeezing the bottle forces water through the dispenser, clearing possible clogs as it goes.

Solutions for water dispensers that are leaking water

If your water dispenser leaks, check these common areas for solutions:

  • Your water reservoir may still be full when you replace the bottle. Empty the reservoir before replacing the bottle.
  • Check the drip tray under the spouts; it may be full and overflowing. Empty the drip tray and inspect for any damage or cracks. If necessary, replace the drip tray.
  • Water puddling on the floor under the cooler may be a result of a leaking water bottle. Remove the bottle and test your water dispenser using another bottle. If the issue is resolved, the water bottle was the problem.
  • Spout or tap leaks often stem from loose connections. Try tightening the tap or spout slightly to prevent leaking.
  • Worn springs or damaged washers in the spout or taps may prevent them from closing properly. Replace faulty springs or leaking washers to resolve the problem.

Ordering parts for your water dispenser

Emerson, Kenmore, GE and KitchenAid are a few of the water dispenser models for which you can obtain replacement parts through Sears PartsDirect. Filter support collars, drip trays and several other parts are available to help you repair your water dispenser. We offer 365-day returns and a fit guarantee as part of our quality customer service.