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Unicycle Parts

Is your unicycle behaving strangely or simply not safe to ride? There could be a number of factors at play. With proper care and maintenance, a unicycle should last for years before any parts give out. Still, when you consider the weight of the human body, it's not surprising that unicycles tend to break down eventually. The average rider goes approximately 1,000 miles in a year, so it's easy to see how all of that wear and tear can lead to damage over time.

Use these simple tricks to keep your unicycle in working order

  1. Check to make sure your tire isn’t shaking when you pick up your cycle. If shaking occurs, tighten the frame before attempting to ride.
  2. Carry the cycle when not riding. Dragging it along the ground adds easily avoidable wear and tear to the unit.
  3. Ensure that the unicycle is stored in a dry place that is not too hot.
  4. Clean the frame with warm water and dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid grime buildup.

If you've done all of the above and your unicycle still isn't working properly, the culprit is likely a faulty part.

The four unicycle parts that can give you trouble

  1. Pedals—It is quite common for grip pads on pedals to wear down after constantly being pumped. It is important to replace pedals when the grip deteriorates to avoid losing control in the middle of a ride.
  2. Tire—As with any mode of transportation, it is essential to monitor the tire closely. If the tire gets punctured or won’t hold air, it is possible to fall down hard when riding.
  3. Bearings—An often-overlooked part, the bearings keep the machine working smoothly. Keeping grease handy to lubricate bearings is a great way to prevent noisy rides.
  4. Seat—While less important for function, having a quality seat is vital for comfort. Seats often get pushed down over time, so it is worth adjusting the seat every few rides to ensure an optimal ride.

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