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Treadmill Parts

A treadmill can last you anywhere from seven to 12 years. In order to ensure the longevity of your treadmill, you can take steps to maintain it properly throughout its lifetime.

Several ways in which your treadmill walking belt can malfunction

Your treadmill walking belt can exhibit issues by not being centered, slowing down unexpectedly or slipping when you step on it. If you are experiencing any of these problems or any other mishaps with your walking belt, it might be time to replace the belt altogether. This should solve most issues except in special cases when a new roller or a new motor is needed. Consider replacing your walking belt to renew your treadmill to functionality. A new belt will also have better traction and give you an improved workout.

How to replace a treadmill walking belt

Always follow manufacturer instructions when replacing the belt on your treadmill, but below are the basic steps needed for replacing a walking belt.

Step 1: Disconnect the electricity—It is important to shut off the treadmill and disconnect it from its outlet before beginning any work of this nature.

Step 2: Take off the motor hood—The motor hood is the plastic casing around the motor of the treadmill at the foot of the podium. Remove this plastic carefully as you will need it once again after the job is finished.

Step 3: Disconnect the right-side rail—Remove the foot rail to allow access to the belt.

Step 4: Remove the treadmill walking belt—Take off the walking belt roller. Then lift the roller from its mounting bracket. Lift and lock the treadmill in its upright position. Remove the front and back screws that hold the walking board to the frame of the treadmill. Release the latch that holds the treadmill in its upright position and lower the treadmill to the ground. Shimmy the walking belt off the walking board.

Step 5: Install the new walking belt—Install the new walking belt by reversing the above steps, ensuring that there are no lips, folds or bumps in the belt before reassembling the treadmill to its original position.

Search online to find the appropriate treadmill walking belt for your particular brand

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