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Trash Compactor Parts

Trash Compactor Parts

Trash compactors are a great kitchen appliance for getting rid of garbage in a clean and efficient way. However, with all the small parts moving around inside coming into contact with food and other waste products, components can degrade over time. Trash compactors can also become damaged if improper items are placed inside them, from electrical problems to the drawer getting stuck due to a broken hinge. Regardless of whether the problem is mechanical or electrical, Sears PartsDirect has the parts that will allow you to perform a DIY repair on your trash compactor.

How to fix typical trash compactor issues

  • One of the most common issues with trash compactors is that they will not operate. The first place to check is the outlet. Trash compactors plug into the wall, and if the outlet or plug is damaged then the compactor will not get power. You can test the outlet by plugging another appliance into it, and you can test the compactor plug by inserting it into another outlet.
  • If there are no signs of problems with the plug or outlet, the issue could be the door. If the door is not closed properly, the trash compactor won't run. There could be a foreign object getting in the way of the latch or at one of the hinge points not allowing the door to close completely. Conversely, if the door will not open, there could be an issue with the ram not returning to its home position.
  • If the trash compactor is running but extra noisy, it could be a sign that the motor is damaged in some way. Misaligned gears and worn-out bushings can cause both additional noise and vibration throughout the unit. The noise could also be from trying to compact metals or other difficult-to-compact objects.
  • Intermittent operation is most likely due to the control board having a short somewhere. This could be caused by one of the many transistors on it, or the short could be in the motor. You can assess these with both a visual inspection and by using a voltmeter.
  • Sometimes, trash compactors can hold onto odors even after they have been cleaned. This is because the trash can get jammed behind the drawer and ram where it's not easily accessible. You can take these pieces apart to clean them.

Purchase the parts to fix your trash compactor at Sears PartsDirect

Finding the parts to fix whatever issue you are having with your trash compactor is as easy as typing the model number of your compactor into the search box above. If you can't locate the model number, then you can use the category list above to narrow down your search. If you have any questions about locating repair parts for your trash compactor, our customer service representatives are standing by both online and over the phone to assist with any questions you may have.