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Trailer Parts

Obstacles can arise in a variety of forms from a simple flat tire to a more complex problem within the axle. A broken tongue or other structural deficiency could also be the issue. The list goes on as broken trailer parts are fairly common. Luckily, resources that can be used to keep your trailer in proper condition are readily available.

Owning a trailer comes with more responsibilities than many people plan for initially. With so many pieces and parts that can lose function, it's important to keep a watchful eye on the state of your trailer.

Common trailer components, parts and repairs

  • Tongue—An often overlooked component of the trailer is the tongue, which keeps the trailer at a safe distance from its towing vehicle. The tongue tends to form cracks after a while, and these cracks can grow until the tongue breaks. Replace your trailer’s tongue when you see severe cracks.
  • Axle—The axle of a trailer is a rod that passes through the center of the wheels to maintain alignment. Issues with tires turning freely may indicate a defective axle, which would call for a repair. The installation of a replacement axle spindle is likely needed in this situation.
  • Taillights—Trailers must have taillights, which alert others of their presence on the road. Similar to maintaining a car, it's important to replace the lights on your trailer when they burn out. They may seem insignificant, but having a trailer on the road with a broken taillight can lead to some serious legal consequences.
  • Washers, bolts and nuts—Keeping the structural integrity of a trailer intact is essential to its longevity. Small yet critical washers, nuts and bolts keep the trailer together. It's very beneficial to have replacements for these on hand due to their tendency to break and go missing.
  • Tires—A recurring problem with almost any motorized vehicle is the occurrence of flat tires, so you should know how to fix a flat or replace a tire. Having replacement tires available will keep you prepared for the next time your trailer hits an object in the road and gets a flat.

Ordering replacement parts for your trailer

If you need to order replacement parts for your trailer, don't look any further than Sears PartsDirect. Simply use the search bar to browse by model number or part number, or you can search by category or brand if you don't have the model number readily available.

At Sears PartsDirect, we place heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction and are equipped to address any questions or concerns you may have in your search. We also offer a great return policy on the parts that we sell.