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Toy & Game Parts

Toys and games aren't just fun to play with. Many of them have sentimental value, and you want to keep them working for as long as possible. For older toys, or toys with a lot of moving parts, this may necessitate the occasional replacement part.

Restoring old toys and games

While some toys require only a couple of drops of glue to be repaired, others are a bit more complex. Old video game systems are comprised of numerous electrical and mechanical parts, from cables to cartridge readers to transistors. Remote-controlled cars are made up of numerous gears, switches, power boxes, bushings, pistons and motor components.

In order to determine the problem with your particular toy, it's often necessary to open up the housing and inspect the individual parts. Sometimes it's easy to determine where the problem lies. For example, if your gaming system won't turn on, you can usually narrow down the problem to the power supply. In other instances, you'll need to employ some trial and error to determine exactly what's going on. In many cases, all it takes is one replacement part to restore your toy or game to its former glory.

Troubleshooting common toy issues

Toys and games are extremely diverse, but certain issues are more common than others in the world of popular toys. For example:

  • If your Craftsman remote-controlled racing truck is not responding to the remote, and you've verified that the remote control has batteries and is in working order, you may need to replace the antenna on your truck.
  • If your Jumbo Brico remote-controlled car is stalling, you may need to consider installing a new motor. If the wheels aren't turning as they should, the wheels themselves may need replacement.
  • If your Taiyo remote-controlled car can't achieve the speed you're looking for, check the gears. They may be stuck or slipping. In some cases, you may need to replace one of them, such as the pinion gear or spur gear.
  • If your vintage Mattel Intellivision isn't powering on, check the power supply. Make sure all cables are properly connected. If it still doesn't work, the transformer may be bad.
  • If your Sears telescope isn't focusing or giving you the clarity you're looking for, it might be time for a lens replacement.

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