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Toilet Parts

Walking into the bathroom and seeing a puddle of water or hearing the toilet run are both common occurrences. Because of the amount of use that the normal household toilet gets, parts can wear down quickly, and when this happens, one of these two events often occur.

Repairing a broken toilet

Correcting a leak or a constant running toilet can be as simple as replacing the worn part. If the leak is on the floor, it could be the wax ring that needs replacing. A leak may also be due to a crack in the bowl itself. If an inspection of the bowl does not reveal any cracks, the culprit is likely the wax ring. A constantly running toilet is often caused by a broken float assembly, which could be costing you money on your water bill.

What are the common parts that need replacing?

  • Wax ring: A common cause for leaks, the wax ring is a part that fits around the hole at the bottom of a porcelain toilet. It rests on a flange that sits on the drainpipe.
  • Ballcock: The ballcock is a valve assembly that is connected to the water supply. It is attached to the float rod. When a toilet runs, this part could be the source of the issue. A leaking valve in the ballcock won’t shut off the water when it reaches the fill level.
  • Float rod: The float rod is attached to the ballcock and float ball. One of the instigators of a running toilet, a float road often bends or breaks and needs to be replaced.
  • Lever: The lever, or handle, is connected to the flush valve. When it is pushed, the handle raises the flush valve to allow water to rush into the toilet bowl to flush it. A broken or worn lever can lead a toilet to run.
  • Flush valve: The flush valve is usually located in the middle of the toilet and attaches to the trip lever. When worn or broken, a toilet can run.
  • Mounting bolts: The mounting bolts are on either side of the toilet bowl, and they hold the bowl down to the floor, helping the wax ring form a seal. Loose and broken bolts are a cause for leaks.

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