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Toaster Oven Parts

Toaster ovens can toast and bake foods such as bread, waffles and sandwiches at an accelerated speed. Sometimes though, the oven might not turn on. This could be due to something as simple as the cord not being plugged into a powered outlet. There are also instances when it becomes apparent that the oven is not coming up to temperature because of the appliance's controls. While toaster ovens can break over time, repairs can be simple.

Troubleshooting tips for your toaster oven

  • Ensure that the outlet you're using is a working outlet. Also, check to make sure you plug the cord entirely into the outlet.
  • A common problem that causes toaster ovens to malfunction is a dirty switch. If none of the settings is working, then try cleaning the switch.
  • If you're having an issue with burnt food, test the temperature sensor with a multimeter to see if it has become defective.
  • If the only way you can turn off the oven is to open the door, then try cleaning the thermostat switch to remedy this problem.
  • If the toaster oven isn't turning on and off correctly, then remove the side panel and try cleaning any contact points that may have become discolored or clogged.

Five common toaster oven parts that may require repairs

  1. Switch—This part controls the power for the toaster oven. If the switch is not turning on and off when being pushed, then you'll need a new one.
  2. Timer—The timer shut off the oven when set time elapses. Replace the timer if it doesn’t count down properly.
  3. Thermostat—The thermostat controls the heating source that cooks the food. If you're having an issue with scorched food, try resetting the thermostat or replacing it.
  4. Thermal fuse—The fuse prevents electrical overload and protects the main switch from damage. If the toaster oven isn't powering on, then test the fuse.
  5. Heating element—This is the thick wire that turns red when the toaster oven heats up. It may need a replacement part if you notice a section that isn’t heating. It can also be removed and tested with a continuity tester to confirm if it's damaged.

Sears PartsDirect can help you find the toaster oven parts you need

You can easily find the parts you need to get your toaster oven working again with Sears PartsDirect. Locate the search bar at the top of the page and search by the model number, or you can browse by category or brand.