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Tiller Parts

Tiller Parts

A tiller is a fantastic tool to break up hard ground and get it ready for planting seeds in a garden. You can also use it to mulch material in flower beds. If you've noticed that your tool isn't working as well as it once did, then you may need to repair or replace a part.

Tiller troubleshooting tips

A tiller has many parts that can get banged up quite easily due to the nature of its work. Most tillers are designed to have their parts replaced quite easily or with minimal effort because the parts can wear down with extended use.

Five common tiller parts that break

  1. Drive belt—The main drive belt is attached to the tiller engine shaft with a clutch. The clutch is engaged with the hand switch, and the belt then catches in the pulley groove to drive the tiller tine shaft and axle. This belt can be seen behind the protective plate housing. If it's broken, cracked or torn, then it needs to be replaced.
  2. Recoil starter—The recoil starter is the mechanism that you pull to start the engine. The rope or handle at the end of the rope can wear down with extended use. The actual recoil springs in the plastic housing retract the rope after it has been extended by pulling it out. If the rope doesn't recoil back into the housing, then you may have a broken recoil spring.
  3. Rear tines—The rear tines make contact with the dirt to break up clumps and till the ground. These tines can wear down or get bent if they hit rocks and debris.
  4. Front tines—The front tiller tines grip the dirt and pull the tiller forward. The front tines are much like the rear tines and can get worn down or bent by hitting large rocks or roots.
  5. Idler pulley—The idler pulley tensions the belt to spin the tines when you engage the drive lever. If the tines don’t spin when engage the drive lever, you may need to replace the idler pulley.

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