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Television Parts

A television broadcasts by receiving an external over-the-air signal that allows it to produce images and sound. A range of factors could cause your television not to work as expected.

62 Television BRANDS FOUND

Tips to get your television working again

  • If there is a delay between the picture and audio, use your remote control to go into the settings section. Then proceed to the audio delay section and follow the instructions on the screen to fix it.
  • Adjust your backlight settings if you only see a black screen.
  • If your television is not turning on but you see the red LED light lit up, manually press the "On" button on the TV to check if your remote-control batteries need to be changed.
  • If your television is not turning on and you do not see the lit up red LED light, then make sure your TV is plugged firmly into the outlet and that it is a working outlet.
  • A soft reset will sometimes help if you are not able to get the television to turn on. Unplug it from the outlet for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.

Five television parts that may need to be repaired

  • Television lamp—This lamp provides the light needed to create the display. If you see a blank screen right after hearing a loud pop, then you may need a new television lamp.
  • Exhaust fan—The exhaust fan helps prevent the television from overheating, which could cause severe damage. If you notice the fan has stopped working, you need to replace it.
  • Circuit board—The circuit board is the central control that makes the television work. You can check it by turning off the power and removing the cover. Cracks in the board or broken wires indicate you need a new circuit board.
  • DLP chip—The DLP chip contains many little mirrors that help direct light to specific points on the television screen. Sometimes the mirrors inside the chip will get stuck. When this happens, you should install a new chip.
  • Lamp ballast—If you have replaced your lamp but are still receiving a lamp failure code, you will need a new lamp ballast. Another indication that you might need a new lamp ballast is if the TV is making fast clicking noises when you turn it on.

Popular television manufacturers

Popular television models come from such brands as Hitachi, JVC, Memorex and Vizio. Sears PartsDirect sells everything from the lamp assembly to the light engine. It's a breeze to locate parts by using the search bar on our website. We also have helpful customer service representatives available to answer your questions.