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Telephone Parts

Cordless "landline" telephones are wall-mounted or desktop devices requiring a mixture of radio, battery and digital technology to work. The fusing of these three technologies means there are a lot of different kinds of parts that can break down or wear out. For instance, if the transceiver is malfunctioning, then a radio signal can't be sent between the phone and base. A loose wire in the handset could mean a short in the speaker or the battery, or a tear in the antenna could severely limit the distance the phone will transmit a call. The parts to fix these and other problems with your cordless phone can be found in the Sears PartsDirect online catalog.

How do you fix some common cordless phone problems?

  • Probably the most common problem users experience with cordless phones is connectivity issues. This is when the call either cuts out entirely or has interference of some sort. There are a few different issues that can cause connectivity issues. If the radio transceiver in either the handset or the base burns out from an electrical surge, short or normal use, then the phone can't transmit your conversation. Another issue that causes connectivity problems is the antenna. Connectivity problems can also be related to a low battery in the rechargeable handset.
  • Another common problem these phones experience is the buttons either becoming stuck or otherwise not functioning. The number pad is one piece and can easily be replaced by removing the front casing and removing the old number pad. It should just be sitting on top of the control board.
  • If your phone refuses to power on, there could be a couple of problems. First, check the handset to see if it powers on when you push the talk button. If not, the battery is either depleted or damaged. If it does power on, the base unit is not receiving power. This could be an issue with the plug or outlet or an internal issue with burnt-out electronics.
  • If you can't hear phone conversations but everything else is working, then the speaker is not functioning. This could be because of a blown speaker or a loose wire.
  • If you can hear someone on the other end of the phone but they can't hear you, then the microphone probably has a loose wire or similar problem.

Finding the parts for your cordless phone at Sears PartsDirect

To find the parts you need to fix your cordless telephone, just type the model number into the search box above. You can search from there. If you can't find the model number of your phone, you can search the site to narrow down the results. Our Sears PartsDirect representatives are also available over the phone and online to answer any questions you have.