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Spa Parts

Is your spa malfunctioning, or has the weather taken a toll on exposed covers and parts? A home spa or whirlpool is a lovely feature as long as everything functions properly. Several parts are likely to be the culprit when your spa doesn’t work as expected.

Common spa problem parts

  • Constant, low- or high-speed running of spa pump—If the pump has been constantly running, possible causes are the pump air switch, thermostat, timer, terminal cord or entire pump mechanism.
  • Reduction in water flow—Change or replace your filters if your water flow has decreased.
  • No water flow—The capacitor, impeller or shaft may need to be replaced if you don’t have any flow.
  • Leaking drain—Pipes, pipe joints, waste fittings or seals should be assessed if you notice a leak.

Spa or hot tub cover

Weather poses the biggest threat to your spa cover.

  • Debris such as leaves, insects and dirt, carried by wind or rain, can collect on your spa cover.
  • The sun causes quite a bit of damage to any outdoor spa cover. UV rays break down the vinyl, causing colors to fade and they can damage the hard foam interior.
  • Mold and mildew collect under your spa cover and within the creases and folds on the cover top and surrounding vinyl. If allowed to remain, mold and mildew can penetrate the vinyl cover and invade the hard foam inside the spa cover. Typically, no remedy cures this problem. At this point, replacing your spa cover is the only solution.
  • Small rips and tears in the vinyl covering eventually allow water to reach the foam interior.
  • Chemicals used to treat spa water can build up underneath the cover and eat through to the foam interior.

The hard foam interior inside your spa cover is an essential element. If water, bacteria, chemicals or debris of any kind gets through to that hard foam, the only solution is replacement.

Cleaning and maintaining your spa cover:

  • Daily cleaning should include clearing any debris on your spa cover. A long-handled broom helps with this task.
  • Repair small tears and rips in vinyl immediately using a vinyl patch kit.
  • Allow your spa cover to dry completely once a month. While you clean the spa shell and balance the chemicals, the bottom of your spa cover can dry.
  • Keep spa water chemically balanced weekly. Not only will it keep water clean, but no harmful bacteria can eat through the bottom of your spa cover to destroy the hard foam.

Replacing spa parts or cover

When replacement parts or a cover are necessary to once again enjoy your spa, Sears PartsDirect has what you need. When you have the exact model in hand, use the search box at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you are not sure, search by the spa manufacturer to find the right part.