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Soda Fountain Parts

More than 15 million Americans enjoy drinking soda. In fact, the average person in America consumes approximately 50 gallons of it every year. To satisfy the craving for this sweet sugary drink, soda fountains are available for crafting your own carbonated beverage right in your owner’ home. Like any appliance, this machine can sometimes fail to work correctly and will require repair or replacement of parts.

Tips to troubleshoot your soda fountain

  • When the soda tastes flat, check the CO2 gas cylinder. Replace the cylinder if it’s low on gas or empty.
  • If the CO2 gas cylinder is full and the soda tastes flat, the carbonator could be loose. Detach the bottle, open the rear cover and tighten the carbonator.
  • If you hear CO2 escaping from the bottle during carbonation, allow the carbonation process to finish then detach the bottle and reconnect it properly..
  • If your soda machine isn't turning on, make sure it's plugged entirely into a socket and that it's a working outlet.

Soda fountain parts that may need to be repaired

  • Carbonator—The carbonator mixes the CO2 gas with water to make the soda carbonated. If it tastes flat and you've already tried troubleshooting with no success, you may need to replace the carbonator.
  • Batteries—If the soda fountain doesn’t work at all, you may need to replace the batteries.
  • Circuit board--If the soda fountain doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, the circuit board may have failed. Check the circuit board for burn marks that indicate a board component failure. Replace the board if it is damaged or has burn marks.
  • Handle—Replace the handle assembly if it’s damaged or broken.

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