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Slow Cooker Parts

A slow cooker functions by cooking food over an extended period using moist heat. This small kitchen appliance is great for making soups, stews and other warm meals. It works by heating up the bottom and the sides of the cooking vessel, making sure that the food is thoroughly heated. The heat is then easily controlled by a knob, allowing you to choose between a high or low temperature. While this appliance is typically only made up of five main parts, there are still times it may require repair or replacement of components.

Quick tips to troubleshoot your slow cooker

  • If the slow cooker isn't turning on, make sure it's plugged properly into a working outlet.
  • Check the heating element if the slow cooker isn't turning on or fails to heat appropriately.
  • If the slow cooker is leaking, then inspect the cooking pot for cracks.
  • When the temperature doesn't change after turning the knob, test the switch and the heating elements to determine the source of the problem.
  • Overheating is a sign that the thermostat may no longer be working. Test it or try replacing it with a new one to fix the issue.

Common slow cooker parts that may need to be repaired

  1. Thermostat—This helps to control the temperature used to cook the food. If your food feels cool during the cooking process, then check the heating element in the base to see if it's warm. If it is, then this means that you will likely need to replace the thermostat.
  2. Cooking pot—The cooking pot holds the food that's being heated by the slow cooker. If it develops a crack, then it's best to purchase a new one. Since food-safe glues aren't readily available, it wouldn't be safe to fix this component at home.
  3. Cover—The cover helps to keep the heat inside of the cooking pot. Inspect it for cracks if you feel that the food isn't heating correctly.
  4. Electrical cord—The electrical cord plugs into the outlet to provide power to the slow cooker. If you're having trouble getting it to turn on and you've ruled out other issues, then remove the base to test the cord. Replace the cord if it’s broken.
  5. Heating element—The heating element is responsible for warming the food as it cooks. If it only doesn’t heat properly, then check to see if this part has become faulty.

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