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Shaver Parts

Shavers are essential for keeping your face at its smoothest. The shaver should glide across your skin with little restriction. If you’re experiencing snagging, tugging or loud noises, you have a problem. An improperly working shaver can lead to skin irritation, which can be highly uncomfortable. If you are experiencing issues, you might need to purchase new parts.

Common electric shaver problems

  1. Cleaning—Hair builds up within the grill after every use, which is why it is important to perform regular cleaning. To clean, remove the head of your shaver and gently tap out the debris. Use a brush to sweep out any excess debris that you may have missed.
  2. Lubrication—If your shaver is making loud, clunky noises, you may need to lubricate it. Lubrication serves the shaver in several ways. It reduces friction between blades and foils, which keeps it from overheating. The lubrication also ensures that the parts run smoothly and reduces stress on the motor. Properly lubricating your shaver after cleaning will improve its life expectancy.
  3. Low battery—When your shaver doesn’t turn on or runs sluggish, it could be due to a weak battery.

Shaver components that may wear out

It is important to consider the two most common types of shavers: rotary and foil razors. Rotary razors contain three circular heads while a foil razor has a simpler two-headed blade that moves up and down. Foil razors use holes to capture hair, which allows the blades to get closer to your skin than a rotary razor. Both have essential parts for keeping your shaver working properly.

  • Cutter block—Sometimes referred to as a grill, a cutter is the primary component in removing hair.
  • Protection cap—The protection cap is used to keep debris from the cutter.
  • Adapter—The adapter connects the shaver to the outlet. If your battery isn't charging, consider replacing the adapter.
  • Brush—The brush is used to clean and remove hair from the cutter.
  • Blades—Individual blades can wear out over time and may require occasional replacement.
  • Battery—If your shaver is no longer generating power, it may need a new rechargeable battery.
  • Gear shaft—Featured primarily on rotary razors, the gear shaft is the motor-driven piece that turns the blade mechanism. If your blade isn't turning, try replacing the gears or the gear shaft assembly.

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