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Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing machines tend to last a long time. Because they're often passed down through families, it can be difficult to find out when repairs or servicing was performed or to find the correct parts to make the repairs yourself. The sewing machine problems you're experiencing might have a simple solution, or you may need to replace a few parts.

Common sewing machine problems

If your sewing machine doesn't run properly or at all, you can troubleshoot for the following issues.

  • Fabric will not feed—Check the presser foot, which should be down. It may be that the incorrect foot is being used. Check the feed settings and adjust the settings if needed. If the feed dog teeth are worn, uneven or not level, you may need to replace the feed dog.
  • Machine light will not come on—Check the light bulb and replace the bulb if it’s burned out or damaged. Check the wiring and the light switch if the bulb is okay.
  • Sewing machine runs slowly—Check the foot control, remove any lint or dust from under the needle plate and look to see if the bobbin winder is engaged. If the problem continues, replace the foot control or the needle plate.
  • Machine will not turn on—You'll want to make sure the outlet the machine is plugged into is working properly. It is sometimes necessary to replace the power cord if the sewing machine won't turn on no matter where it's plugged in.
  • Machine runs or hums but does not sew—Inspect the bobbin assembly for thread that is jammed, lubricate dry machine parts, make sure the clutch knob is tightened and check the drive belt. If problems continue, the bobbin, bobbin case, bobbin plate or clutch spring may need replacing.
  • Needle or bobbin thread constantly breaks—Check the bobbin for thread jams and correct threading. You'll also want to ensure the appropriate sized needle is being used. If the needle or bobbin thread continues to break, the bobbin, bobbin case, bobbin cover plate, needle or needle plate may need replacing.

How to service the mechanical sewing machine parts

  1. Unplug your sewing machine.
  1. Use tweezers to clean the thread tension assembly, removing thread tangled around the disks. Using a fine emery cloth, sand off any burrs and remove any rust around the bobbin thread tension assembly. Carefully check for parts that are chipped or broken. Possible parts needing replacing are the bobbin, bobbin case, bobbin cover plate, needle, needle plate or back stitch lever.
  2. Adjust the presser bar screw to straighten the foot. Replace the presser foot when needed.
  3. Clean the feed assembly by raising the presser foot, needle and needle plate. Remove the feed assembly after unfastening.
  4. Clean any thread or lint present. When necessary, replace the feed dog rocker shaft, presser foot, needle plate or needle.

Replacing your sewing machine parts

Sears PartsDirect has the sewing machine parts you need to get back to work. If you know the exact model, use the search box at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you are not sure, search by the sewing machine manufacturer to find the right part.

Parts are available for popular models from Brother, Euro-Pro, Kenmore, Singer, White and many other sewing machine brands. From clutch springs to light bulbs, we at Sears PartsDirect have everything you need to get your machine up and running.