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Security System Parts

Security systems can consist of a variety of different gadgets designed to detect intruders in their own specific ways. There are surveillance cameras, motion-activated lights, keyless entry pads and other items that all have their unique design. Over time, many of these products could suffer from some issues that prevent them from working properly.

Troubleshooting tips for your security system

One thing all the components of a security system have in common is their reliance on electronic parts, and these parts have vulnerabilities. Weather elements can be enough to corrode circuitry or short out connections, leaving the system inoperable. The elements can also wreak havoc on the mechanical parts, such as a security camera’s swivel or the casing that protects a lightbulb. There’s also the possibility that those who are looking to circumvent your security system purposefully cause damage to it.

What are some different security system components?

  • Smoke alarms might not seem like part of a security system at first, but they're wired into the main control unit that governs signaling the authorities in case of a fire. The device has a carbon monoxide detector in it that, once triggered, will send a signal tripping an alarm. Smoke detectors are hardwired into a property's electrical system and have battery backups in case of a power outage.
  • Motion sensors have a number of uses in a security system, but generally, they're used to trigger lights to turn on. These sensors work by detecting the heat of any moving bodies within their range. In some security systems, the motion sensor will only trigger a motion light or alarm to activate while, in others, a signal will be sent to the authorities.
  • Keyless entry systems ensure that nobody can pick a lock or gain entry by stealing a key. This system consists of a number pad that's usually installed next to a door, and it will only trigger the door to unlock once the proper code has been entered.
  • Security cameras are not only a great deterrent but also can record events in case they're needed later for evidence. Cameras come in a variety of designs that have different resolution settings and features.
  • The security system company that you sign up with is one of the most important pieces of the whole design. If an alarm is tripped, the company will immediately phone you for verification. Upon answering the call, the company will ask for your identity and a secret password to verify that it's you.

Finding the security system parts you need at Sears PartsDirect

Getting a hold of the parts you need to repair your security system is as easy as typing the specific part number in the search bar. If you can't locate the part number, use the model number for your security system instead. At Sears PartsDirect, we offer quality parts that are guaranteed to fit, and our customer service representatives are standing by to help answer any questions you might have.