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Router Parts

To have a perfect finish on your furniture, you'll need the appropriate tool. In modern crafts, you may find yourself working with wood, plastic, aluminum and other materials. These materials are quite difficult to shape or bore by hand, which is why a router is critical to use. Just like any other tool, a router can sometimes break or stop working properly, resulting in a part needing to be repaired or replaced.

The router consists of a spindle that cuts through wood, plastic and soft metals. It comes fitted with a handle through which you guide the router, a chip deflector to protect you, a switch, a power cord and bearings to support the spindle.

Common router problems

Achieving the desired results often requires you to invest long hours into the final touches using the right machine. Your router is a machine that runs for many hours, which exposes it to wear and tear. The most common problems relate to the power supply. The problems could be a result of a loose connection on the power socket, a worn-out power cable or a bad power switch. If the router operates on a battery, then the terminals could be damaged. When there's a power surge, fuses can break current flow when they are exposed to excess current.

Another problem with the power supply could manifest itself in the induction motor. This part is inside your router and is responsible for generating motion from electricity without connecting moving parts such as the bit to electricity. The motor consists of many parts itself, which implies complexity. The signs of a bad motor are the lack of rotation, overheating and, sometimes, a burning smell inside the router.

The bit is the most exposed part of your router. This means that it withstands high rotation speeds and friction. You also face the risk of your router falling and damaging the bit. That said, the bit could break, loosen and wear out due to friction.

Router parts that often need to be repaired

Router motor brushes are spring-loaded carbon tips that transmit electricity to the armature to help rotate the shaft connected to the bit, causing your router to spin. Given the high speed at which the shaft turns, it's an eventual consequence for the carbon tip to wear out, resulting in a break in power transmission.

A router sub base is a circular plate on which the router lies while smoothing a surface. It holds the router in place as you perform your work by preventing unnecessary motion, and it allows you to work with different bit sizes, depending on the sub base’s diameter. The router collet nut holds the bit. It's connected to the router shaft, which is subsequently connected to the motor. An ordinary router has a gap between the bit and the collet. The function of the router collet nut is to tighten the collet to the bit. This means that it's prone to becoming loose.

A router wrench allows you to tighten and loosen all your router’s nuts and bolts. Using the right size and type of router wrench ensures that you don't damage your router.

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