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Riding Toy Parts

Riding toys are not only a lot of fun for kids, but they can also help with children's development as they improve their fine and gross motor skills by controlling the steering wheel and utilizing the control panel. Children also learn how to balance from these toys, which can make the transition to a bicycle easier. Ride-on toys aid in a child’s development by allowing them to explore the world around them as well. Many children love these toys, so it’s disappointing when they stop working for any reason.

Tips to fix your ride-on toy

  • If the toy is not operating in any of the speeds, check to make sure the battery is properly connected. If it is, try charging the battery for a few hours and then give it another shot.
  • Limit the amount of weight on the toy, such as too many kids riding at one time. Heavy loads can cause the toy to only run for a short period.
  • If only one wheel turns but not the other, look to see if you need to connect the motor wire to the battery.
  • If the toy isn't working at all, check to make sure all the motor wires are still connected properly.

Typical ride-on toy parts that need to be replaced

  • Battery—The battery provides power for the toy to function. Depending on how often you use it and how you care for it, you may need to replace the battery if it's not staying charged.
  • Gears—The gears help drive the toy. A loud clicking noise when the toy is in motion is most likely due to stripped or damaged gears.
  • Accelerator switch—This switch sends the signal to the toy to accelerate or to brake. If the toy isn't functioning when the child pushes the pedals, then this switch may need to be replaced.
  • Speed switch—This is a lever that changes between low and high speeds. If this function isn't working correctly or you notice only one wheel turning while in operation, then you may need to replace the speed switch.
  • Thermal protector—The thermal protector helps prevent the toy from overheating. It may be defective if the toy is stopping intermittently and then restarting.

Ordering ride-on toy parts from Sears PartsDirect

Some popular ride-on toy models come from brands like Power Wheels, Radio Flyer and Roadmaster. At Sears PartsDirect, we carry parts for these brands as well as several others and can help you find the part you need. Search by model or part number. If you have any questions during the buying process, our customer service team is standing by to help.