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Ratchet/nut Driver Parts

Ratchets are innovative tools that allow users to easily tighten bolts, screws and other fasteners. Compared to using a basic wrench, there are some clear benefits of using a ratchet. You get maximum torque with small turn arcs, which allows you to handle tougher jobs with ease.

Troubleshooting your ratchet

Despite the usefulness of ratchets, there are instances when you might experience issues with the tool. Here's a list of problems you may have with your ratchet as well as solutions that can help you fix them.

Three common ratchet problems

  1. Sockets can get stuck to the ratchet drive. This can happen if the ratchet and socket accumulate rust and aren't properly cleaned. Make sure to clean and lubricate the ratchet and sockets regularly to prevent this from happening.
  2. Ratchets are useful for the strength and torque they provide, serving you in applications where a wrench just won't suffice. But, if the ratchet doesn’t switch directions when you flip the directional switch, it's probably time to replace the switch.
  3. If your ratchet won't lock and is turning in both directions or not turning at all, it's not going to do you much good. In these situations, you may need to replace your pawl or pawl spring. Like many parts, these can wear out and become damaged over time, especially with extended use. The pawl is the spring-loaded component that slides against the teeth and allows you to turn the fastener, and it can be accessed when you remove the cover plate.

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