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Range Parts

Range Parts

You go to cook something, and for some reason, the range has stopped working. You will need to troubleshoot the issue. The reason why your range isn’t working can usually be found by determining where the problem is occurring, and there are different parts associated with the problem that needs to be fixed.

The six common range parts that break

  1. Surface burner knob: The burner knob is what you turn to set a specific temperature. The problem of a burner not working may simply be that a knob is broken due to the gripping teeth being stripped. If you turn the surface knob and it spins around freely, consider getting a replacement.
  2. Drip pan: The drip pan sits underneath the heating coil element. Wear and tear with food dripping onto this pan may cause distempered heating, and food that is stuck on the pan can cause smoke. If the pan cannot be cleaned properly, it may need replacing.
  3. Oven high-limit thermostat: The high-limit thermostat prevents the oven from overheating. The problem may not be that the control relay is stuck and causing a high temperature. Replacing the electronic oven control board will often remedy this problem.
  4. Coil element terminal block: The terminal block is the contact receptacle where the coil element prongs are inserted. This terminal block can either wear down or become faulty. Replace the terminal block if it’s damaged or broken.
  5. Coil element: The coil element is the part where you set a pan or pot to cook food. These can go bad due to excess wear and tear or due to an electrical malfunction.
  6. Control panel: The control panel is the component that houses the burner knobs. The control panel also houses the oven control. Replace the control panel if it’s damaged or broken.

Find your range parts on Sears PartsDirect

Search on Sears PartsDirect to find specific parts that are intended for your range. The parts can be ordered online and delivered with a guaranteed fit. Our customer service department will assist you with any questions you may have. Also, you can search on our website to find specific information about the installation of your range part.