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Power Grinder Parts

Power Grinder Parts

There are some different reasons why a grinder may not be working properly. If your grinder is functioning minimally or not at all, then you can troubleshoot the problem by identifying common issues that occur with different parts.

Five grinder parts that often break

  1. Motor start capacitor—If you turn the power switch on and you hear a humming noise, the motor may be stuck or seized. If you flip the power switch and nothing happens, then make sure it's properly plugged in. If there are no issues, then check the capacitor. When the capacitor goes bad, the motor will not run.
  2. Ball bearing—The ball bearing allows for the rotation of the main drive shaft on the grinder. The ball bearing may need repair if it breaks around the seal or an uneven force is exerted on one point of the bearing. If you notice that the grinder is shaking, then check the bearings to see if they're intact.
  3. Grind wheel—This is the actual disc that makes contact with the work piece. The grind wheel can wear down depending on many factors. Replace the grind wheel if it’s worn or broken.
  4. Grinder collet—The collet is the metal piece at the end of a grinder that bites down on the main disc shaft. The collet applies pressure at four points and is set in place by the collet sleeve. This piece can wear down if you're changing grinding discs often, or it can break due to improper use. If your disc will not stay in the slot, then you may need a new collet.
  5. Motor—The motor rotates the drive shaft. If the capacitor isn't bad and the unit is receiving power, then the motor may be bad or wiring connections may be loose.

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