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Playground Equipment Parts

Playground equipment requires regular maintenance and parts need to be replaced when they’re damaged or broken. Children don’t always know when playground equipment is faulty, which exposes them to danger. For example, slide and swing parts are prone to wear and tear because they’re exposed to friction and stress during use. Proper maintenance of equipment can prevent about 40 percent of all playground accidents.

What are common playground problems?

  • Loose or missing bolts and screws—Swings, seesaws and other equipment weaken along joints and connections. They are also prone to vandalism. Clips, hooks, hangers and other parts often wear down because of weather and frequent use. Look for loose, missing and damaged parts. Tighten loose bolts and screws; replace missing and damaged parts.
  • Cracked and rusted parts of swings and slides—Swings and slides are particularly vulnerable to rust, scratches and swelling. Some metallic materials can corrode, which can weaken the structure. Repair or replace such parts to prevent further damage.
  • Old or frayed ropes and cables—These components are exposed to friction and stress often so they’ll need to be replaced periodically. Inspect ropes and cables often and replace them any time you see signs of excessive wear or fraying.
  • Repair worn-out surfaces—These include tarmac, loose fill, grass, mulch, tiles and curbs. They require regular inspection to ensure they are safe to use. If not well maintained, these surfaces can cause injuries or tear kids' clothes and sporting gear.
  • Faded or chipped paint—Not only are a few fresh coats of paint good for keeping playgrounds visually appealing, but a smooth, even paint job will also help prevent corrosion of equipment parts.

What are critical playground equipment parts?

Nuts, bolts, screws, joints, slings, ropes, chains, rockers, caps and other connection parts are critical. Using the right part for the right job can prolong the equipment’s lifespan. A size 13 bolt should go to the matching location. If you try to use a different size, it may be loose and probably won’t be safe. It might never fasten the intended part, and it will wear down faster. For your peace of mind, buy the right parts for every repair.

Why you should choose Sears PartsDirect

You probably don't remember where you bought that equipment, but if you can check the product numbers engraved on the body works, you will likely see the brand name and model number. Chances are you have one of the following brands:

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