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Photocopier Parts

A photocopier is a machine that creates paper copies of documents that are scanned onto a light-sensitive surface to receive the image. The copier then uses electrostatic charges to attract toner powder, which is converted into ink. The ink is transferred onto paper to make a replica of the document. Sometimes a simple trick can get a malfunctioning copier working again, and other times it may require repair or replacement parts.

Quick tips to fix your photocopier

  • Dust can surprisingly be the cause of many paper jams. Try cleaning the feed tires and the inside of the copier thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris.
  • If your copy is printing out lines across the paper, clean the scanner glass with glass cleaner to see if this solves the problem.
  • If your copies are coming out too dark or too light, adjust the settings on the display panel. Oftentimes, the settings are the culprit.
  • A dot or stray mark that repeatedly appears on multiple copies in the same place can be the result of dirt and debris on the copy mirror or glass. Clean the scanner glass to see if the spot disappears.
  • A toner error message may be due to using a toner cartridge that is incompatible with your copier.

Common copier parts that often require repair

  • Paper tray—This is the tray that holds blank paper for the copier to print on. If it becomes chipped or cracked, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Paper feed—The paper feed is a rubber part that grabs a sheet of paper and pulls it through the machine to print the copy. If the copier does not pull paper, check for a jam.
  • Registration roller—This is a rubber roller that receives the paper from the paper feed and sends it toward the drum. You can try inserting another registration roller or clean this part to see if that fixes the issue.
  • Exposure lamp—The exposure lamp supplies the light to copy the original document. You should install a new one if you do not see the light working during the copy process.
  • Toner unit—Toner is the source of ink, and the unit that holds the toner works with the drum to pass ink onto the paper. If you have replaced the toner but are still having problems, you may need to insert another toner unit.

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