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Overhead Projector Parts

A projector is made up of many parts that enable it to perform its duties of projecting documents, images and videos onto a screen. The two most important parts of a projector are the air filter and the lamp. Without the lamp, you wouldn't be able to project the image. The air filter is also essential because it prevents dust from building up inside of the projector, which could cause it to not function correctly. A projector is a handy tool for presentations in educational, professional and social settings. Sometimes, parts can break on an overhead projector that will need to be repaired or replaced.

Some quick tips to get your projector working again

  • Make sure the power cord is plugged into the outlet correctly and that your outlet is working.
  • If your projector isn't turning on, look to see if the back cover of the lamp is loose. If it is, tighten it to see if it will now power on.
  • Try checking the connections to the lamp to make sure everything is still connected.
  • Sometimes, just tightening the screws will fix the problem of the projector not turning on.
  • Clean the projector thoroughly and make sure there's no dust or debris inside that could be causing a problem.

Projector parts that sometimes need to be replaced

  • Color wheel—If the color doesn't look right when you use the projector, try replacing the color wheel with a new one.
  • Lamp and reflector—These are very crucial components because they make your display onto a screen possible. If your problem is with the presentation, look to see if the lamp or reflector requires repair or replacement.
  • Blower—An electronic motor powers a fan to run in the base of the projector to prevent it from overheating. If it has stopped operating correctly, then it may be time to install a new blower.
  • Base mirror—The base mirror aids the projector in changing the angle of light. Display issues could be due to a dirty or cracked mirror. Check to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Fresnel lens—The Fresnel lens helps focus the image when you project it onto a screen. A new lens can restore the focus.
  • Focusing knob—To focus the image onto a screen, you turn this knob. If the focusing feature isn't working, check to see if you need to replace your knob.

Sears PartsDirect can help you find the projector parts you need

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