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Motor Parts

It goes without saying how important it is for the motor in your boat to be in proper working order when you’re out enjoying the water. The motor in your boat works through internal combustion, which requires many different parts that are constantly rubbing and grinding together at high rates of speed. Due to the nature of this process, parts will wear down, leaving your motor in need of repairs.

What are some typical boat motor problems?

Some of the more common repair issues involve failing to start, overheating, excessive noises or vibration, improper propeller revolutions and sudden motor cutoff.

What can cause motor problems?

  • Is the ignition turning the engine over? If not, then the problem could be a dead battery. If the motor does turn over but doesn’t start, then it could be one of the following issues: an empty fuel tank, dirty fuel in the tank, an engaged kill switch or a kill switch clip that is not on. Other issues include the transmission being in gear or spark plugs that need replacing.
  • An overheating motor can cause a dangerous situation, especially out on the water. Outboard motors need a continuous supply of water to cool them. If foreign objects are clogging the water intake, then the motor will not get the water it needs to keep itself cool. Additionally, the water pump impeller could be malfunctioning, which could also cut off water flow to the motor.
  • Excessive noise or vibration from your motor could indicate a couple of things. At the top of the list is determining if you have a loose or damaged propeller. If the shear pin has loosened or the propeller isn't aligned properly, then it will experience irregular revolutions. Another part to examine is the motor mounts. These parts not only help keep your motor secured to the boat, but they also act as dampeners for motor noise and vibration.
  • If the propeller isn’t spinning, there could be a broken shear pin. If the shear pin is intact, examine the shaft and propeller for any entangled debris.
  • If the propeller only spins slowly, a gear case or transmission failure could be causing the problem.

Getting boat motor parts from Sears PartsDirect

To locate whichever part you need to get your boat motor running again, just type the model number above in the search box. If you don’t have the model number, then you can search by category to help pinpoint the part. If you require assistance, our Sears PartsDirect customer service team is available both over the phone and online to assist you.