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Moped Parts

Although a moped has a relatively small engine and is easier to maintain than other modes of transportation, it requires simple maintenance and repairs to run properly. This is easy to do with some time and a few tools. Routinely inspect and replace the following parts to ensure your moped runs efficiently.

If you own a moped, you're in good company. Moped ownership has increased 60% in recent years, and it continues to grow. Mopeds are a cost-effective and reliable source of transportation for many people. They're relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and they can travel up to 100 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Five troubleshooting tips for your moped

  1. Change the oil and filter—The oil and oil filter on your moped should be changed every 1,000 miles. Doing this simple task is the single most effective way to keep your moped engine running smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Tires—Regularly inspect your moped tires for wear and damage. Check that they're inflated to the right pressure and make sure that the tread isn't overly worn. Examine the valve stems and replace split or cracked valve stems. Replace your tires every 5,000 miles or per the manufacturer's recommendations.
  3. Battery—Clean the terminals of your moped battery whenever corrosion is present. Use a baking soda and water solution and a stiff bristle brush to clean battery terminals. Use a battery load tester to make sure the battery still holds the proper charge. Auto parts stores will load test your battery for free and inform you if it requires replacement.
  4. Brake/throttle cables—Check, clean and lubricate all brake and throttle cables on your moped annually or every 2,000 miles. Pull the cables off and inspect for fraying, pinch points or excessive wear, and replace parts as necessary.
  5. Nuts and bolts—Tighten all screws and nuts on your moped every 1,000 miles or every six months. Normal vibrations associated with riding cause nuts and bolts to loosen over time. Pay special attention to muffler and exhaust fasteners and mirrors.

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