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Line Trimmer Parts

Line Trimmer Parts

A line trimmer is a great gardening tool when it’s running right. If the engine sputters or vibrates, it may be time for a good tune-up. If that doesn’t help then engine run smoothly, then you may need replace the carburetor or other engine parts.

Learn how your grass line trimmer operates

A grass line trimmer, also referred to as a string trimmer or line trimmer, works by using centrifugal force to maintain a straight-line spinning in a circle fast enough to cut whatever it comes in contact with. If your trimmer is running rough, be sure to check that all parts are tightly secured and running properly. If you are unsure about which parts may need replacing, see the list below.

Check these parts and do the following for your line trimmer

  • Fuel filter—Replacing the fuel filter, and possibly the fuel, will be necessary if your line trimmer was left filled with gas for a long period of time. The fuel collects moisture, which makes it less likely to ignite when the machine is turned on.
  • Fuel lines—Another integral part of the fuel system is the fuel lines. This tubing is what your fuel runs through to reach the carburetor. Replace the fuel lines if they are permanently kinked or if they have a noticeable leak.
  • Carburetor—The carburetor can be replaced or rebuilt. This part mixes gas with air to create a combustible fuel that enters the cylinder. If something is wrong with your carburetor, your line trimmer will likely sputter or spit when turned on.
  • Carburetor rebuild kit—You can purchase a rebuild kit for your line trimmer carburetor. Sometimes, simply replacing the carburetor is more cost-effective. Other times, you can purchase a kit that replaces key parts and gaskets in the carburetor so it works properly.
  • Preventative maintenance—Cleaning your equipment is the most basic and often the most important way to keep it from deteriorating over time. Other ways of keeping your line trimmer in good condition include never storing it for long periods of time with fuel in the tank, storing it inside only and consistently lubricating all moving parts.

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