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Leaf Blower Parts

Leaf Blower Parts

If you find yourself cranking and cranking on a leaf blower but it just won't start, there may be a common solution to the problem. Leaf blowers can wear down with use over time. Sometimes the problem can be fixed with a simple cleaning, or other times a specific part may need to be replaced.

The five common leaf blower parts that break

  1. Carburetor—Carburetors can become dirty and clogged with continued use. If you clean the carburetor, but it is still not allowing fuel to flow into the system, then you need to get a new carburetor.
  2. Vibration isolator—This is a little part that consists of two bolts with a rubber bushing in between them. If the leaf blower is shaking your hands to the point of discomfort or it becomes hard to maintain directional control, there may be a problem with the vibration isolator. If this happens, then check the little rubber bushing to see if it is worn out.
  3. Choke lever—The choke lever sits inside the carburetor and is a lever that restricts airflow into the fuel mixture. The point of restricting airflow is to make the mixture richer. Chokes can simply break, and if you notice that no air is being blocked when you are trying to cold start your leaf blower, then you may need to replace the choke lever.
  4. Engine gasket set—The gasket set is used when you find yourself in need of rebuilding the engine. If your leaf blower is not getting combustion pressure in the cylinder, you have a blown gasket or burnt piston ring. When you take the engine apart, there is often the need to replace all seals and gaskets.
  5. Piston ring—The piston ring also deals with the problem of low compression. If you have low compression in the engine, then you might need a new piston ring. The piston ring sits around the piston head and can become worn out or burned due to overheating of the engine. Remember that if you open the engine, then you will need to get an engine gasket kit as well.

Find your leaf blower parts on Sears PartsDirect

Once you know which part you need, you can then obtain the specific part for your model of leaf blower at Sears PartsDirect. Search for your unit, then select the right part. Feel free to contact Sears PartsDirect's customer service because we can help you with any question you may have. You can also chat with live support right on our website. We guarantee the parts will fit and will take care to help you get the parts you need.