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Lawn Edger Parts

Lawn Edger Parts

Lawn edgers provide you with the ability to keep your landscaping looking expertly manicured. With regular use, these machines can experience the need for maintenance and repairs to keep them operating at their best. From sludge buildup in the carburetor to dull blades, there are different types of issues you could encounter that prevent edgers from operating in the way they were designed to.

Simple tips to get your lawn edger back on track

  • Change the spark plug in your lawn edger when you notice the machine starting to sputter or if it fails to start.
  • Use a carburetor cleaner to clean out any sludge or buildup that can occur in the carburetor of the edger.
  • Clean out the spark arrestor, a small screen that fits between the engine of a gas-powered edger and the spark plug. This edger part can be cleaned using a wire brush.
  • If your gas-powered edger is running rough or sputters while in use, you'll want to inspect the fuel filter. This filter can get clogged with impurities and will either need to be cleaned out or replaced as needed.
  • Inspect the blade on your edger and ensure that it's properly secured in place. This will result in even cutting and safer handling when using the machine. Make sure the edger is powered off and all safety and security measures for preventing the machine from turning on are utilized when inspecting, adjusting or replacing the blade.

Five lawn edger parts that may need replacing

  1. Edger blade guard—The edger blade guard fits over a portion of the blade, providing a barrier to prevent users from being injured by debris flying off the rotating blade. The blade guard can become damaged or wear out after coming into contact with certain objects or flying debris. For safety reasons, this edger part should be replaced before operating the machine when it's missing or damaged.
  2. Blade—The edger blade is the part that spins to cut the edges of your lawn. This blade comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate various makes and models of lawn edgers. You can find the appropriate size for your lawn edger by referring to the owner's manual for the machine or by contacting a customer care expert at Sears PartsDirect. Our online guide can help you find the right size blade as well.
  3. Drive belt—The drive belt is an edger part that connects a shaft from the motor to the blade to make the blade rotate. This belt can become cracked or torn through normal use.
  4. Carburetor—The carburetor provides the right mixture of fuel and air necessary for operating a gas-powered lawn edger.
  5. Fuel filter—A fuel filter cleans out any impurities in a lawn edger’s fuel so that the carburetor is protected from unnecessary debris and damage.

Get the lawn edger parts you need at Sears PartsDirect

If you're in need of replacement parts for your lawn edger, look no further than Sears PartsDirect. Our customer care representatives can guide you to the right edger parts for your specific make and model of machine. You'll also find helpful tips and replacement information readily available on our site.