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Lathe Parts

Lathes are powerful tools that can perform a variety of functions. However, sometimes this piece of equipment can stop working properly due to normal wear and tear or damage. If your lathe isn't functioning properly, then there may be a part that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Troubleshooting tips for your lathe

The first thing you want to check is the alignment and balance of the machine; make sure there is no material on the tool surface. If the machine is spinning with a wobble or shake, then the machine may have a bent part or the shaft may be out of alignment. If the machine doesn't turn on, then you most likely have an issue with the motor or the electronics.

Five common lathe parts that break

  1. Bushing—The bushing on the lathe is affixed to the tool rest lock and makes for easy positioning of different implement types. The main purpose of the bushing is to simplify changing tool positions. A bushing can break down with wear and may need to be replaced if it will not keep the tool tightened down properly.
  2. Center point—The spur center is the metal point at the end of the spindle that makes contact with the rotating material. The point is pressed and secured to the material while rotating. It's important to make sure that this part is secured as it rotates. Also, if the point becomes bent or damaged, it will wobble and must be replaced.
  3. Feed gib—The feed gib assists the vice bracket and correctly positions it with the carriage. The feed gib can become worn out or stuck. If your gib wears down, then it may need to be replaced.
  4. Pinion and shaft—The pinion and shaft work in conjunction with each other and are the main components that drive the rotation of the spindle. This piece is almost perfectly balanced and must remain this way. The teeth on the pinion gear can wear down due to excessive use or misalignment.
  5. Split nut assembly—The split nut assembly allows for the spinning rotation and movement to occur along the rod position without moving up or down the threading of the assembly. If the bolt or leadscrew can be turned and it removes itself from the housing assembly, then there may be an issue with the split nut assembly. Make sure to tighten it down appropriately.

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