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Lantern Parts

Lanterns are a great light source whether you use them for signaling, as a decoration, during camping or for religious ceremonies. They come as a fixed or portable accessory available in many shapes and sizes. Battery-powered and electric lanterns are the most common types that people use today. With their importance for rituals, festivals or at the time of a power outage, it is frustrating when a lantern stops working. Repairs or replacement of parts might be required.

Here are some quick tips to fix your lantern

  • If your lantern is not powering on, try cleaning well around the power switch. Dirt or debris could be interfering with its connection.
  • If the lantern still doesn’t come on after you clean the switch, open the battery compartment and test the voltage of the batteries. If needed, replace batteries with new ones.
  • If the batteries are good but the lantern is still not working, see if the battery terminals have corroded. You can quickly clean these with a pencil eraser.
  • If an electrical cord powers the lantern, make sure the cord is plugged entirely into the socket and that it is a working outlet.
  • If the lantern turns on but does not produce light, it may have a blown lightbulb that needs replacing. You can also try screwing the bulb in tighter to see if this fixes the problem.

These are common lantern parts that might need to be repaired

  • Switch button—The switch button is the piece responsible for turning the lantern on and off. Wear and tear can sometimes cause this piece to break.
  • Handle—The handle makes it easy to carry the lantern from one place to another. If it has come loose from the top, you can try gluing it or replacing it.
  • Lens or globe—Depending on the type of lantern you have, the lens or globe is the part that focuses or disperses. If the glass becomes chipped or cracked, you should replace it.
  • Reflector—The reflector is an aluminum part that uses a mirror to direct the light out of the lantern. Repair any dings or dents by using a rubber mallet or install a replacement.
  • Fuse—The fuse is a critical part of the lantern that allows it to function. If you have blown a fuse, you will need to install a new one.

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