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Juicer Parts

There are several problems that can occur that cause a juicer to stop working. In some situations, the issues are just a quick fix. For others, you may need a replacement part in order to fix your juicer.

Troubleshooting tips for your juicer

  • Check to see if your outlet where the juicer is plugged in is working correctly. Also, check to make sure the cord is completely plugged in.
  • If the juicer has stopped in the middle of the process, try slowing down the speed of the juicer to prevent pulp from building up on the cover.
  • If the pulp seems too wet and you're not getting the desired amount of juice, try removing the basket and cleaning the mesh walls to make sure there isn't a blockage.
  • If the juice is leaking out during the juicing process, try slowing down the speed.
  • If no juice is coming out, look to make sure pulp isn't blocking the spout.

Six common juicer parts that need to be replaced

  1. Fuse—The fuse shuts off the power to the motor if the motor overheats. If the motor has stopped while juicing, the fuse may be blown.
  1. Filter basket—The filter basket helps filter out pulp and other food debris. It may need to be replaced if you notice the juicer isn't filtering properly or you notice obvious damage to the filter basket.
  2. Juice collector—The juice collector gathers the juice from the fruits and vegetables used in the juicer. It should be replaced if you notice leaks occurring.
  3. Motor—The motor is the critical part of the juicer that spins the reamer blades to rub against fruit and produce juice that goes into your container.
  4. Top cover—The top cover prevents the juice from splashing out during the juicing process. Sometimes, it may become cracked or damaged and will need to be replaced. Some other circumstances that may require getting the top cover replaced are if the locking tabs are broken, the locking bar won’t lock in place or there are signs of damage to the splash guard.
  5. Locking arm—The locking arm works as a safety feature by holding the cover in place while juicing. The juicer will only function when the arm has been locked.

Ordering replacement parts for your juicer

Sears PartsDirect makes it easy for you to find the needed parts for your juicer. By simply entering the model or part number into the search bar, you can find the available parts. You can also search by category and brand. We at Sears PartsDirect put customers' needs first and we’re dedicated to helping you find the part you need.