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Iron Parts

Your iron is a trusty and reliable tool used to steam and press your clothing. If your iron no longer works properly, there may be an easy fix or replacement parts available to help you avoid buying a new iron.

Common iron problems

  • If your iron heats up slowly or doesn't heat up at all, then confirm the power outlet is working, all circuit breakers work and the iron's plug sets firmly in the outlet. Then, try plugging the iron into another outlet. Check the outlet plug for a fuse and replace the fuse if it’s blown.
  • Look at the temperature setting. Sometimes, the temperature is set too low to heat the iron correctly.
  • Mineral deposits can build up on the soleplate. This causes blockage in the soleplate holes, and the iron will not produce steam properly in this case. Remove mineral deposit buildup on the iron soleplate using a damp cloth and white vinegar.
  • Carefully inspect the cord for frayed spots or a broken or worn plug. Cords commonly break where they enter the iron's handle.
  • Look for a light that usually comes at the front of the iron. If it's on, then power is reaching the internal parts of your iron.
  • Check the heating element for power. Power reaches the heating element through the power switch and the thermostat.
  • Some units have the on/off switch separate from the thermostat. Determine whether power can flow through the plug, switch and thermostat to reach the heating element.
  • If power reaches the heating element and it remains cold, then replace the heating element.

Solutions for irons that leak water

Insufficient heat is often the problem when your iron leaks or spits water. Many irons have the heating element in the soleplate. If your iron hasn't had sufficient time to heat up and you try to use it, then water will flow to the soleplate but won't turn to steam as expected. Instead, the water will leak through the soleplate until the iron is hot enough to turn the water to steam.

Check the temperature control as the iron settings might be too low for steam to form. Wait for the iron to heat up thoroughly before turning on the steam function. If it's necessary to iron clothes at a lower temperature, consider turning the steam feature to the off position. Then, no water can leak through the iron to reach your clothes unintentionally.

Ordering replacement parts for your iron

Replacing worn or damaged iron parts is much safer than ironing with a frayed cord or faulty components. Sears PartsDirect has the replacement parts that you need. If you know the exact model number, then use the search tool at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you don't have the model number available, then you can browse by the iron manufacturer to find the right part.

We have parts available for popular brands, including Maytag, Kenmore, Black and Decker, Proctor Silex and several others. Sears PartsDirect is here for you with replacement filter nozzles, water tanks, soleplates and many more.