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Ice Cream Maker Parts

Problems can often arise with an ice cream maker due to malfunctions with the motor, mixing paddle or other critical parts. An ice cream maker is built to be a lasting appliance, but it sometimes can require repairs or replacement of parts. Putting too many ingredients into one single batch or not immediately fixing a mixing paddle that's jammed are two examples that can cause an ice cream maker to break.

Common ice cream maker problems

  • If the motor isn't working, apply some lubrication to the gears of the motor and then test it. If it's still not working, the motor may need to be replaced.
  • If your ice cream isn't properly made in the allotted timeframe, then the issue is probably with your freezer bowl not cooling well.
  • When the ice cream isn't dispensing, it may be due to the thickness of your ice cream. Double-check the recipe, ingredients and recommended processing time.
  • If the motor quits working while the ice cream is being made, it's best to power it off, clean it and start over, but this time, try to not make the ice cream as thick.
  • When the mixing arm stops turning, it's often due to either ice formations in the freezer bowl or from the thickness of the ice cream.

Five ice cream maker parts that can easily be broken

  1. Motor—The motor rotates the mixing paddle. If you're making the ice cream too thick, it can cause damage to the gears, which in turn, can result in damage to the motor.
  2. Control panel—The control panel features the on and off switch, the timer and the speed control. Sometimes, components of the control panel need to be replaced after prolonged use.
  3. Freezer bowl—The freezer bowl contains the ice cream after it's made. If you continuously have problems with the ice cream not staying frozen, there could be damage to the bowl such as a crack or a leak.
  4. Paddle—The paddle, also known as the dasher, is the part that's responsible for mixing the ice cream and adding air to the ice cream mixture.
  5. Lid—The lid goes on top of the ice cream maker's body to keep the ingredients contained inside. The lid sometimes needs to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Ordering ice cream maker replacement parts

If you know the model number of your ice cream maker, then you can search for it on the Sears PartsDirect website to easily find the parts you need. Another option is to browse by category and brand. Some popular ice cream maker models are Kenmore, KitchenAid and Presto. At Sears PartsDirect, we sell everything from the paddle to the mainframe, and we can also help you find the part that you need to get your ice cream maker working again.