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Humidifier Parts

When you need to replace certain parts to enjoy your humidifier’s benefits, Sears PartsDirect has what you need. If you know the exact model, use the search box at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you are not sure, search by the humidifier's manufacturer to find the right part.

Has your humidifier started creaking or stopped working? Here are some ways to determine what parts might need replacing and how to maintain your humidifier.

 Common humidifier problems and related parts

  • Humidifier is overflowing—Common parts related to this problem are the water inlet valve and the float.
  • Humidifier not getting water—Check for a failed water inlet valve, a clogged saddle valve or a faulty humidistat.
  • Humidifier not draining—Check the water evaporator pad, the drain line and the water panel distribution tray.
  • Humidifier drum will not turn—Check the drive motor and the drive belt.
  • Humidifier fan is not working—Check the blower motor and the humidistat.
  • Humidifier is not releasing any mist—Check the mist element; look for clogs in the hose leading from the tank to the top and check the small fan in the base.

Humidifier troubleshooting and maintenance

Here are troubleshooting methods for common problems you might experience with your humidifier. If your humidifier does not run well or runs constantly, there are some areas you can check for a possible easy fix.

  • Check your owner’s manual for the specifications as your humidifier may not be large enough to handle the size of the room.
  • Verify all doors and windows are closed and make sure your fireplace damper is closed.
  • Look at the water level in the reservoir. It may be too low or may have no water at all.
  • Scan the room for walls, dividers or curtains that might be blocking your unit.
  • Disconnect your humidifier from the wall and clean the system using your owner’s manual as a guide.
  • A humidifier containing oil holes in the motor allows access to put a few drops of light oil in and lubricate the fan motor bearings.

If your humidifier isn’t running at all, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check the plug connection to the wall and make sure the house circuit breaker for the electrical outlet isn’t tripped.
  • Look at the humidistat settings; if they are set lower than the relative humidity in the room, the humidifier will not turn on.
  • Examine the reservoir or holding tank to make sure it contains water.
  • Disconnect your unit from the wall and inspect the plug for signs of wear or damage. If found, replace the plug before using your unit.

It is good practice to clean your humidifier on a daily basis when it's in use. Check the filter or pad; if it is soiled, wash it according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Replace your pad as directed by your owner's manual.

Replacing your humidifier parts

Parts are available for popular models including Amana, Emerson, GE, Lobb, Toastmaster, GeneralAire, Montgomery Ward, Aprilaire, Bionaire, Duracraft, Honeywell, General, Kenmore and many other humidifier brands. Sears PartsDirect has many replacement parts for your humidifier ranging from water supply saddle valves to drains and water trays.