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Hose Reel Parts

The principal use of hoses is to move water or air to a spot where it's needed. Garden hoses are a common sight at every home, and water hoses are common in businesses such as gas stations, mechanic shops and plant nurseries. To ensure a clean place to work or an uncluttered lawn, hose reels are common wherever hoses are used. Due to the heavy use of this tool, hose reels can often malfunction or stop working.

What kinds of hose reels are available?

Hose reels come in several shapes and designs. The most prominent are:

  • The wall-mounted hose reel—This hose reel is attached to the wall, typically used where hoses need to only reach a limited range.
  • The cabinet hose reel—This is a hose reel inside a fixed cabinet. It’s usually used in a home setting as a method for hiding hoses from guests.
  • The hideaway hose reel—This is different from the cabinet hose reel in that the hose reel is anchored to the ground instead of a mount inside the cabinet. The hose reel in a hideaway can handle a greater length of hose.
  • The hose reel cart—This cart is used where the distance between hose bibs and watering areas is an issue. The hose reel cart allows movement of the reel from one place to another while connected to the water source via another length of hose.
  • The wall swivel hose reel—This reel is often used in shops where air tools are in use. The swivel reel allows the hose to swing in different directions, reducing abrasion of the hose.

Common hose reel parts that need repair or replacement

  • Hose washer—The hose that connects between the water hose bib and the reel requires a rubber washer to seal the connection. Hot or cold weather may damage these washers. When water pressure is added to a damaged hose washer, the water sprays everywhere.
  • The connecting hose—The hose that connects the water source to the hose reel can freeze during harsh winters. The hose gradually breaks down, resulting in leaks.
  • The reel cover—The weight of the hose rides on the reel cover. Though this part is reinforced, the forces involved with pulling on the hose can break down the integrity of one side of the reel cover or the other.
  • The crank handle—Cranking the hose onto the reel cover creates an immense amount of torque. If not used gently, the crank handle can flex and bend.
  • The holding bracket—The holding bracket is the part that holds the reel in place. Pressure can build on this bracket when it's being pulled out or in, causing it to wear down, flex and eventually break.

Ordering replacement parts for your hose reel

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