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Hedge Trimmer Parts

Hedge Trimmer Parts

Hedge trimmers are unique in their function and design. Instead of the motor running a rotating component, the system operates a reciprocating blade to trim hedges, shrubs and other landscape plants. If you find that your hedge trimmer isn't working properly, then you can troubleshoot the problem based on symptoms associated with its specific parts.

Troubleshooting tips for your hedge trimmer

If the unit runs but simply doesn't cut well, you may need a new blade, or you can attempt to sharpen the blade assembly. If the unit works at minimized functionality, there could be an issue with an internal component.

Five common hedge trimmer parts that break

  1. Blade assembly—The blade assembly is comprised of one fixed blade plate and an oscillating blade that moves back and forth against the fixed blade plate. The blade assembly can become loose due to wear or break if it hits something hard while cutting. The individual blade surfaces can be sharpened, but if they're worn down too far to sharpen, then the blade will need to be replaced.
  2. Handle and screws—The main front handle is where the operator holds on to the trimmer. If the handle becomes loose or breaks, then it will need to be replaced. Most handles are held in place by two locking screws. The screws themselves may strip out and need replacing.
  3. Terminal—This is an electrical component that connects wires to electrical components in the hedge trimmer. If a switch or motor isn’t working, then a terminal may be loose or shorted.
  4. Motor brush—The brush makes contact with the spinning armature and sends an electrical current into the armature. This results in the oscillating function of the cutting blades.
  5. Motor—The motor is specific to different models and drives the hedge trimmer. The motor may wear down or break if overused. Another issue that might occur is blowback on the system. If the blades hit something and suddenly stop, then a hard jolt could damage components that are within or attached to the motor.

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