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Griddle Parts

Cooks who use their griddles regularly might notice it is not functioning like it used to. If cooking on your favorite kitchen griddle has taken its toll on the appliance, replacing damaged or broken parts may be necessary.

Reasons why heat control units may stop working on griddles

  • Make sure that the griddle’s outlet cord is plugged securely into a working out. If the electrical outlet that you’re using doesn’t have power, reset the house circuit breaker for the outlet or use a different electrical outlet that has power.
  • The griddle is repeatedly left on after use. Always check to make sure the temperature setting is locked into the OFF position when you’re done using your griddle.
  • The heat control and power cord are plugged into an outlet and the appliance when not in use. In this configuration, electricity is running continually through the cord to the unit.
  • The part has gotten wet. Water can damage the electrical control unit. It’s a good idea to remove the electrical cord before cleaning your griddle.
  • The original part has been replaced with the wrong model. When replacing the heat control, make sure you’ve selected the appropriate one for your appliance. Heat controls can vary in configuration from appliance to appliance. Even if it seems to fit, a heat control for a slow cooker isn’t necessarily the right one for an electric griddle.

Five kitchen griddle parts that can be replaced

  1. Drip tray—The drip tray is in place to capture liquids created or released during the cooking process. The interior of this part can become discolored or corroded over time.
  2. Handle—Handles can become loose or cracked depending on how the appliance is used, stored or carried.
  3. Power cord and heat control unit—This part powers the griddle. Always replace this part if the cord is worn or has detached from the control unit.
  4. Griddle plate—This is the cooking surface. Some units allow for the replacement of the griddle plate, including models that have interchangeable grill grates.

Popular griddle models

Sears PartsDirect is here to help with griddle parts for major brands, including Presto, Kenmore, Thermador and Toastmaster. Enter the model number of your electric griddle in the search box at the top of this page to find the part you need.

At Sears PartsDirect, we offer a guarantee on the fit of the parts you buy, and each purchase is backed by our return policy.