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Garbage Disposal Parts

For an average household that takes care to maintain their unit, a garbage disposal should last around 12 years. It can, however, be damaged early in its life span by bones, grease and other items that might accidentally make their way down the drain. Damage to the garbage disposal or its parts can result in leaks, clogs or even unpleasant smells. Fixing and cleaning your garbage disposal can help solve your problems. Fortunately, you can find almost any part you need to fix your disposal at Sears PartsDirect.

How to maintain your garbage disposal

In order to make your garbage disposal last longer, there are some steps you can take to care for it.

  • Run your disposal regularly to keep it from rusting.
  • Run water through your disposal to flush it every so often.
  • Clean your disposal with ice and rock salt or vinegar and baking soda.
  • Avoid grinding fibrous foods that can jam the motor.
  • Avoid pouring fat or grease down the drain.
  • Avoid using chemicals like bleach or strong cleaners.

Various garbage disposal parts that may need replacing

  • Mounting gasket: This gasket fits between the bottom of the sink and the top of the garbage disposal. This is an easy fix if yours has worn out.
  • Splash guard: The splash guard is one guard that you always want in place. It prevents water and food debris from splashing out of the disposal during use.
  • Tailpipe gasket: The tailpipe gasket seals the drain pipe to the upper end bell to prevent water from leaking out of the disposal.
  • Wrench: Garbage disposal wrenches are used to safely free jams caused by food debris. Use only the specific wrench for your garbage disposal so that you don’t damage any of the inner parts. Other wrenches are for the bottom of the disposal to turn the parts that rotate.
  • Drain stopper: The drain stopper should always be in use when your garbage disposal is not in use. This prevents small items such as silverware from going down the disposal.
  • Sink flange: The sink flange may be needed for a first-time installation of a garbage disposal. It mounts onto the sink and provides the connection to install the disposal.

Look for these brands and others on Sears PartsDirect

You will find a plethora of garbage disposal brands and their parts on Sears PartsDirect. Some of the more popular brands are Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Maytag and Whirlpool.

Whether you need a simple wrench or a more complicated part, it is crucial to get the right part for your disposal. Search the database at the top of the page to find the specific part you need. If you need help, we have a chat option to help you find what you are looking for.