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Freestanding Ice Maker Parts

Freestanding Ice Maker Parts

Do you have a free-standing ice maker and wonder why it will not produce ice? A free-standing ice maker is a cool item to have as long as it makes ice. If your ice maker is not functioning as expected, it may need replacement parts.

Common ice maker problems

  • Water pressure causes the most common problems associated with ice makers.
  • If no ice is being produced, the cause may be the temperature sensor that is faulty or broken.
  • The machine will not cycle to produce more ice when the ice bin level sensor detects that the bin is full. If ice production stops before the bin is full, a faulty level sensor may the cause of the failure.
  • The ice maker produces foul-smelling ice or ice with visible contaminants. This is often caused by a contaminated water supply or a water filter that is overdue to be changed.
  • The ice maker is running and humming, but no ice forms. This can be caused when the compressor fails.
  • Ice cubes will not eject from the machine because the cutter grid doesn’t heat.
  • Water leaks from the ice maker.

Ice maker parts to check

  • Look at the water inlet valve, which can develop a blockage or an obstruction.
  • The ice maker temperature sensor may not detect the temperature correctly in the ice maker.
  • The ice maker sensors may not allow the machine to cycle into production mode.
  • Replacing the ice maker cutter grid may be necessary if no ice will eject from the machine.
  • If there are leaks from the machine, check the ice maker water inlet valve for a crack. Leaks may also stem from a faulty drain hose clamp, cracked water reservoir, broken drain pump or faulty recirculation pump.

You can maintain your ice maker by doing the following:

  • Water quality has a major impact on the taste and odor of ice. Use a filtered water source for your machine. If your machine has a water filtration system, replace the filter every six months.
  • Wash your ice bin and rinse the water lines regularly to prevent contaminant buildup.
  • Wash and keep dust off all coils and components.
  • Scale buildup causes problems to several machine parts. Clean the ice machine regularly using ice maker cleaning solution.

Replacing free-standing ice maker parts

If replacement parts are needed for your ice maker, know that Sears PartsDirect carries all of the parts listed above as well as many more. If you know your exact model of machine, use the search box at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you are not sure, search by the manufacturer to locate the correct part.