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Food Processor Parts

Does your food processor balk at starting or slow down when running? Relying on your food processor has become a way of life, so it can be inconvenient when the processor isn’t working properly.

Common food processor problems

If your food processor does not operate well or runs constantly, there are some areas you can troubleshoot.

  1. Food processor will not run at all—Check the plug at the wall or see if a breaker switch needs resetting. Check the electrical cord for damage and test the motor and fuse.
  1. Food processor runs intermittently—Inspect the wire connections and repair any that may be faulty. Examine the motor; if it is a belt drive model, inspect the belt's condition and assess it for proper tension. Adjust if necessary and replace when needed.
  2. Processor motor runs but the blades don’t turn—Try cleaning the blade or replace it if damaged. Inspect gears on direct-drive models for wear and replace if worn or broken. View the drive belt on belt-drive models and adjust the tension if necessary; replace it if it is broken.
  3. If the processor bowl leaks, make sure to tighten the bowl on the base. Check the seal and replace it if damaged.

 Common mistakes that can damage or ruin the food processor

  1. Filling the bowl before putting in the blade or setting the machine up—Even professional chefs admit to filling the bowl first occasionally. If your food processor is a small chopper with a blade insert, it is nearly impossible to move the food around to position the blade on the shaft. The only solution is to empty the bowl, and you may have to rinse it as well in order to get the blade to fit snugly on the bottom of the drive shaft. Attempting to run it without securing the blade can ruin the blade and the drive shaft.
  1. Placing hot nuts in your food processor—Using hot nuts in the food processor causes the nuts to develop an odd, gummy texture. Worse, it discolors the food processor and can partially melt the plastic part of the blade. It can also cause undue wear to the processor’s motor. It’s generally a good practice to never place hot food directly into your food processor to avoid potential damage and poor-quality processing results.
  2. You may assume that your food processor’s motor will fail before the blade wears out when, in fact, the reverse is true. Your blade will become dull, at which point you can try to sharpen it, but eventually replacing your blade is the safe and prudent way to keep your processor running.

Replacing your food processor parts

Replacing food processor parts can make your life easier, and Sears PartsDirect has what you need. If you know the exact model, use the search box at the top of the page to locate a replacement part. If you are not sure, search by the food processor manufacturer to find the right part. We offer a consumer-friendly return policy and excellent customer service to meet your needs. Parts are available for popular models including KitchenAid, Kenmore, Black and Decker, Regalware and many other food processor brands.