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Flashlight Parts

Flashlights are very simple to use and are typically activated by merely sliding a switch or pressing a button. However, many incidents can occur that can cause your flashlight to stop working, such as a bad battery or a more complicated issue such as a problem with the circuit board. The good news is that flashlights are usually easy to repair.

A few tips to help you fix your flashlight

  • First, check if you need to replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Look to see if there is a problem with the tail switch not correctly connecting the battery to the outside of the flashlight.
  • Take the tail cap off and make sure the washer around the spring is still tightly in place.
  • Pull the switch out of the end cap and test it to see if it still works by using a paperclip to connect the negative part of the battery to the body of the light.
  • Check the pins on the battery pack to make certain they have not sunk into the battery pack.
  • If the contacts appear corroded, clean them with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to remove the corrosion.
  • Try replacing the lightbulb. A tungsten filament inside the bulb is what makes it work, but this can sometimes break.

Five common flashlight parts that may require repairs

  • Contacts—The contacts are metal pieces located inside the battery compartment. If they become corroded, the batteries will not be able to provide electrical connections to the different parts of the flashlight.
  • Switch—A new switch may be needed if the light isn’t activated when you press the switch to the ON position.
  • Reflector—The reflector is partially made of plastic and coated with an aluminum layer located around the lightbulb. If it breaks, it will need to be replaced for the light to shine.
  • Lens—The lens is the clear plastic piece that allows light to glow through it on the end of the flashlight. It can sometimes become damaged, requiring replacement.
  • Battery spring—The battery spring is a part located in the battery compartment that helps to hold the battery in place and create the electrical connection between the battery and other components. If the spring becomes broken, the batteries will not be able to supply power to the flashlight.

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