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Evaporative Cooler Parts

An evaporative cooler is also known as a swamp cooler. Water is held in a tray at the bottom of the device and pumped up to the distributor. It then trickles down across the cooler media pad to create an evaporative effect. A fan motor then turns a turbine that blows across and through the media pad to send cool air out. If your coolers efficiency drops or stops working altogether, you may need to replace a specific part.

The five common evaporative cooler parts that break

  1. Cooler media pad: The media pad is a large, flat, corrugated screen that has water dripped across it, and then the fan blows the cooled evaporating air out. Media pads can wear out or get clogged, which can lessen the efficiency of the system. If you start to notice less cooled air being blown out, you may need to replace the media pad.
  2. Pump assembly: The pump assembly brings water up from the reservoir in the bottom and drips it through the distributor and onto the media pad. If you have noticed that no water is dripping down across the media pad, the pump may be clogged or broken.
  3. Distributor: Sitting on top of the media pad, the distributor is the pipe with holes in it that drips the water evenly across the media pad. Different water types can cause the holes to clog due to calcium or deposit buildup, requiring a new distributor.
  4. Stiffener: This is an agent that helps to maintain the media pads shape and deters rotting of the corrugated material. If you notice a "sag" in your media pad, you may need to swap out the old stiffener and associated anti-rot agents with newer parts.
  5. Receptacle: The receptacle is the electrical component that connects your evaporative cooler to a power source. If you notice that your evaporative cooler is not turning on, the receptacle may need replacing.
  6. Valve and float: The valve and float work in tandem to maintain the proper level of water in the bottom of the main water reservoir. If water is spilling out onto the floor, the float may not be turning off the water valve. This could mean a replacement is in order.

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